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Friends, this magnificent soul and funk full length LP from the Soul Tunes All Stars has a TON of flavor!


Thanks Franklin!


If making soul music was easy, everyone would do it.
Ok, maybe not everyone but the ingredients of soulful vocals, sweet horns and skilful drum work is no guarantee the result will touch listeners the way only soul music can. The debut album from Soul Tune Allstars gets the formula right. Not just right but smack in the middle of the soul zone. A bullseye. An impressive slam-dunk of soul!

If the Soul Tune Allstars were a basketball team they’d be the Harlem Globe trotters!

Kolla in det svenska soulprojektet med inspiration från 60/70-talssoul och funk.

Thanks Magnus!

Entering at number 20 going now on 16 going to....?

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