From spring 2017 until now we have been busy recording the first album on the new Soul Tune Records imprint ”SOUL TUNE ALLSTARS – INTRODUCING”. This album is a result of a lifetime full of passion and dedication for Soul and Funk music. The album is composed and produced by Niclas Wretelid, he is joined by some wonderful musicians and singers who gave their heart and soul to contribute to the sound and feeling of this album. We are proud to present the first album of SOUL TUNE ALLSTARS!  …more to come!

The Soul Tune family includes lots of people involved in small or big ways but non less important than any other and here are a few that I want to send my thanks to:
Johan Thelenius for the awesome, soulful front cover. Lars Larsson and the rest of the Record Mania crew. Carl Hedberg for help and support. To all musicians who shared their exceptional talent on this record. Daniel Wallin for being my personal pep-master. Joachim Cohen for inspiring work and help. And a big shout out to Desmond Foster for your involvement and for being so fantastically funky. Jonathan at rub-a-dub studio. Last but not least super thanks to my family for all their support and love.